I suppose i best start this off my introducing myself. My names Stacey, I’m 31 years old.

I have 2 daughters aged 7 and 10, who are rightly so, my world. My partner, Jay, is also my best friend. i live in Lincolnshire, England and i am a care worker for adults with challenging behaviour.

Here’s my focus story and the reason ive started this blog. Some names have been changed for legal reasons:


December 26th 2015, my partner and I were out for our monthly date night, after a lovely meal and drinks flowing, we bumped into a couple we’re friends with, Kirsty and Dale. They were out celebrating, as Dales birthday was the next day. So, we let them tag on and we relocated to the local club for more drinks to see Dales birthday in. The night went on and Kirsty and Dale had a row.. which myself and Jay mediated and was resolved. We all went out separate ways and the evening was over..

The next day, Jay had left to start a night shift at work, and I was casually texting away to my friend Abi, who happens to be Dales 23-year-old daughter. At the same time, I dropped Kirsty a message asking her to return a top I’d lent her, with this she replied that she was working, so would ask Dale to drop it in…Fab!

Seeing a oppotunity, I told Abi of the plan and told her to grab a lift with her dad, and come stay the night. it was company. Abi, was told, by Dale, that he wasnt coming…gutted!

Half hour passed, and there was a knock at the door. It was Dale, holding my top and a cheesy smile. wierd?  Well least i got my top back eh.. He came in and i made him a coffee. After a good chat, advise given to him for his rocky relationship, reassuring him that Kirsty loved him ect.. i took his and mine empty cup into the kitchen. startled i turned round to see Dale right behind me. He put his hands on my waist, and tried to kiss me. i immediately pushed him off, when he grabbed the cup from my hand and threw it at the kitchen floor, narrowly missing me. Shocked in disbelief, i stormed into the living room to grab his coat and told him to leave. He was following me.

He pushed me with great force, and i landed huddled over the sofa, where he proceeded to pull at my trousers, i flung round to face him, at this point petrified, he ripped open my shirt, and started groping me roughly. All the while im trying my best to push him off. He then pushed me so hard down, my table went flying and everything on it..all the while i repeated the word NO.. and he used a cushion over my face. It was at that point, my personal survival mode kicked in.

Dale proceeded to rape me.

A few minutes felt like hours, i felt disgusting. Then, as calmly as anything, he got up, zipped up his jeans, and walked out.

What the hell just happened?!

I called my neighbour, who came running round, and then i called 999..”please help me, I’ve just been raped!”

10 minutes later, after my neighbour had called, Jay turned up. I felt guilty seeing him, as if I;d cheated on him. But he held me so tight, I knew there, he will protect me.