So, When i was attacked, although I reported the crime, the only people who knew was a select few, the ones who were involved with police questioning..my partner obviously being my main support. But i didnt tell anyone else.. until…
My two best friends, who are the sisters I CHOSE.. were my shoulders to cry on when i eventually opened up. I honestly dont know where i would be without these ladies, and throughout this whole journey, havent had near enough recognition. because they are secondary victims in this. Just like my OH and my family, these two are also my rock! 

They never doubted me. Never questioned my word, and have not only nursed me through my breakdown, but have also been incredibly supportive of my strength up to now.

But.. with this deep love for my girlies, also comes anxiety. One of them, Jenny, lives in Germany, and i havent seen her for 18months! And the other, Leah, leaves for Cyprus for 2 years in a months time.. 

Now i know with todays technology, its so easy to stay in touch and even though we may not speak everyday, we can pick up where we left of so easily and naturally.. But God im dreading for the latter of the two to go.. 

Ive so much support round me honestly, im spoilt for it. But the thought of not being able to cuddle them or have their beautiful faces right infront of me scares the crap out of me! 

Albeit im gonna have 2 years of awesome holibobs.. winter hols in Germany and summer in Cyprus.. the inbetween times when you just wanna pop round in your jammies with wine.. sad times! 
But… wherever we all are in the world, our bonds will never be broken! 

Im a lucky woman.. amazing kids, fandabby family, gorgeous man…and my Deutschland Goddess and my Irish Charm! 

I love you all xx 


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