so, ive not really hit the subject of my PTSD, figured it was about time i did..

what is PTSD? 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Its not just for war heros… 

anyone can suffer with it, anyone whos suffered any type of trauma. In my case.. Rape.

flashbacks for me are the worst part, anything can trigger them off. smells, even of someone says “are you ok?” in the same tone as ‘him’, can take me back to that life changing moment.

Its very frustrating to not have control over how your mind deals with things. the rational side of me knows i am safe, and that i had my closure. but the ‘protective’ part of my brain is still in turbo preventing anything happening to me… hand in hand with anxiety, which everyone has to a degree.. its that feeling you have when you step out on the road and see a car coming too fast.. yout mind turbos and tells you to move. thats anxiety or fear.. its what saves us. we need it as a species to exist.. so how so you try and re train yout mind to have the right balance… 

i still swear by CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) it really does rewire the brain. and although im still not 100%, i know ive made massive progress, considering i used to have panic attacks in shops! 
please feel free to share any anxiety/ptsd issues, coping techniques, or advise xx 


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