rape on tv? 

recently, the topic of rape has been portrayed on british tv dramas.. ive asked many people in the support group i admin what they think of this..

many, as you can imagine, are highly triggered by them. but despite this, we are glad its a focus on such a taboo subject. 

hollyoaks, emmerdale, eastenders, and even corrie have seen recent storylines being told from different circumstances. from sex slavery grooming, to marital rape, all are brilliant eye openers. 

i completely support writers zoning in on these, for victims themselves who may be living in silence, my hope is for it ti encourage them to at least seek support anonymously. but also, to victims friends and families, they may answer alot of questions that they may feel awkward to personally ask us. 

what are your views? are there any storylines you think havent been portrayed collectly?



2 thoughts on “rape on tv? 

  1. I agree. It’s about time more people started talking about the topic. I did stop watching hollyoaks, only reason being is I thought they may go down the ‘feel sorry for the rapist route’ I can’t deal with that. Out of curiosity though, did they?
    Another amazing blog Sweetpea 👍


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