so, it was brought to my attention today that i havent blogged for a while..nice to know my blog doesnt go unnoticed, so thanks Cheryl šŸ˜š
so.. wow, alot has happened, and more importantly, alot is still to happen. so where do i start?

phoenix wings cause is going from strength to strength.. we have alot more members on the group now, and we are raising some serious awareness, most recently, we did an online auction, raising Ā£60 for rape crisis england and wales. The children’s books were kindly donated by an amazing man! mr richard dodd, a fantastic author! and also… my editor and publisher of the book i am currently writing! yes! I am writing a book! fistpump!!
phoenix wings cause now has its own email address, Instagram, and twitter page.. details of these are on our Facebook page, or easily found by searching “phoenix wings cause”

good things are happening.. and i wont stop until everyone knows all about our cause!!
rise from the ashes…


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