ive not blogged for a while, so the subject of this one has been debated over and over in my mind.. what can i just reappear to talk about after all this time.. then it hit me. time. thats it!
so the cliche time heals.. may sound cheesy but it really does! but… healing takes hard work aswel as time…

when my trial was over, and my attacker was sentenced, someone said to me

“oh gosh.. it felt like it was going to go on forever..!”

i never forget my response..

“that time between reporting and trial starting, i needed that. i needed it to start fixing my life, because i knew, once the trial was over, life goes on.”

“if i didnt have that time, i wouldnt of been strong enough to face court at all”

16 months ago i was attacked… and in that 16 months i have acheived so much.. and theres more to come..

my story may of started 16 months ago.. but im only just beginning. my time isnt through yet!


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