The Facts

So recently I’ve had to endure threats made by the girlfriend of my rapist.. she just can’t let me get on with my life.. 

threatening to publically humiliate me with something I’ve never even hidden from my friends and family.. 

I met my partner when I was married and we had an affair until I left my husband. this was years ago and we’re still together now.. morally wrong yes. I’m not the first person to do it and I certainly won’t be the last. but does this mean I deserved to be raped.. NO! the defense even knew this.. yet it didn’t come up in court. 

anyway.. it occurred to me that all people know is that he raped me.. and that he was found guilty. evidence was there. but not only that.. here’s a few points that made the jury see the truth. I hope this helps anyone there who thinks they have little or no ‘forensic’ evidence…

1. when he was arrested, he’d put his clothes straight in the wash! 

2. I’d messaged his daughter asking to catch a ride with her dad to come see me.. to which he told her he was not coming.

3. David dayman claimed we were having an affair..

now let me tell you this.. I’d had an affair before, I think If I was going to have an affair.. I’d be able to keep it quiet.

also on the day of the attack, my partner and I had had attack lazy day watching movies, and doing what couples do when they have house to themselves (if ya get what I mean) …

so if I was having an affair.. would I not of at least showered after I’d been with my partner.. and dressed up? instead I was looking like a bag of crap. smelly and hair all over the place.. 

I initially asked my friend (his girlfriend) to bring the top.. if I was dying to see him, why wouldn’t I of skipped her put completely. 

none of it makes sense… 

I played mediator the evening before when the two of them had a row… if I wanted him to myself, why would I do that!? 

these are just some of the key points that nailed me are conviction. his lies were pathetic.

liars have to have a good memory.. my story never changed. his did. he was caught out in his lies one by one. 

I know some will say I don’t have to explain myself.. but I do. to show others that it isn’t just forensics (although in my case there was forensic evidence) that can help you get justice, all that proved was that sexual intercourse was had. 

if your reporting an attack. I didn’t think my statement would help at all. the investigators did their job and came up with these contradictions. I didn’t. don’t feel like no one will beleive you. 

I can’t stress enough, it is hard to get a rape conviction. yet my jury took 20minutes to make their decision.. on technicalities and common sense! 
don’t give up. don’t quit. you’ve got this! 


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