moon anxiety

it’s quite easy to stay distracted through the day isn’t it? 

for mums we have our school runs, our washing, cleaning. even in the evening..meals to day to prep for. then we may sit and watch some TV with our significant other.. chatting away. cuddling….

then we lay in bed and our heads decide their not ready to relax just yet.. they want to torture us with awful memories and thoughts. 

whatever happened to the nights we lay away worrying about bills or what colour to paint the dining room… what I’d do to get those nights back. 

so what to do about it… I used to find myself just laying there.. that is succumbing to the anxiety…

instead.. why not get up. grab your dressing down and slippers and go sit downstairs with a nice hot chocolate.. 

here’s a few ideas… 

☆put a load of washing on (saves you a job tomorrow)

☆make an Amazon wishlist for the next birthday or Christmas

☆make the kids packups now with a little ‘I love you’ note to surprise them

☆read a good book

☆listen to some relaxing music

☆meditate (I’ve never done this personally but alot of people recommend it)

☆write down your worries on individual post it notes…

☆once written down… go through them..and the ones you can’t do and nothing and nothing bout. screw up and put them in the bin

☆someone told me once they had a positive jar… write positive things you’ve done throughout the weeks.. when you have a bad day.. sit and read some of them.

if any of my readers try any of these.. please get in touch add let me know how you get on.. or comment here for others to see x 

Remember.. it is the worry that gets you, not lack of sleep.. so don’t worry about getting up when you ‘should’ be sleeping.. look after yourself and make sure you fall asleep feeling positive xxx


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