​so.. I have a journalist coming tomorrow. as you may know some money I gain from selling my story, will be going to the survivors trust..

my aim is to not have the story all about bashing him.. but to help other people. to encourage and hopefully give strength. good needs to come of this. I’ve picked the freelance journalist carefully. she being the wife of a detective and has been recommended by the police.. she’s even a friend on Facebook and has been keeping in touch on both a professional and friendly basis. looking forward to meeting with her….she has already pitched my story and has 3 magazines interested. national magazines. I’ve also signed a waiver to identify myself in the stories.. I’ve nothing to be ashamed of. and I am proud to be a survivor. he had power over me for a few minutes… I have regained that power and thrown it back at him 10 fold. no one will beat me down. no one will ever ever make me feel like I’m worthless. I AM A WARRIOR!


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