why are victims ashamed to speak up..

because society has made us believe that they can prevent rape that’s why.. 

they make us believe that if we don’t wear provocative clothing, don’t drink too much, don’t act “easy” then we won’t get raped.

society makes us believe that if your married or in a relationship, you can’t be raped.

society tells us that if we act interested.. then we send out the signal that we want sex. 

non of this is true. rape is NOT about sex. it’s about power. 

rape isn’t sex… it’s a violent act using sex as as weapon.

It’s so important to know that it is NEVER the victims fault. 

consensual sex is obvious. non coerced. exciting. you don’t have to say the word NO for it to be unwilling. the perpetrator knows if your willing or not. 

I pray that 1 person reading this accepts their innocence. accepts that they are not to blame. 

speak out ladies and gents.. a problem shared is a problem halved. even if you don’t wish to report it. tell someone just 1. tell me! I’m here…. I know what your going through… 


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