what should I feel…?

for the last week I’ve been bombarded by so many different emotions. a few I’ve spoke to the detective that was dealing with the case about this morning. 

should I feel smug? 

his answer.. damn right you should be?

even though we got answer guilty verdict could there be people who still don’t beleive?

his answer.. the evidence was overwhelming. if they knew all the details as I do… they’d believe.

am I wrong to financially gain from this?

his answer.. not at all! 

from the moment this happened, my life snowballed. emotionally. AND financially. I moved. I had to start from scratch. so if I can get enough just to take my children on a family holiday.. then he’s right… damn right we deserve that! but I am sticking to my decision to put towards the survivors trust charity. (see previous blog) 

no one can tell you how to feel after going through something like this.. 

I am relieved. I have justice. I AM smug. AND I am going to walk tall with my head held high knowing that I put am rapist in jail! and I for one am thoroughly proud of not only myself, but those who stood either in front of me cheering me on. behind me having my back.. or by my side so I didn’t have to go it alone.

proud proud proud. 


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