What now…

Do i just forget the past year as if it never happened? Move on? 

Yes i do want to move on, but i dont want to forget. Because this past year has shown me how strong and capable of change i can be. From battling in court to win my children back (unrepresented) and putting my rapist behind bars, my story could help so many people.. so..heres my to do list..

1. Get my story publicised.

2. Promote my campaign video and blog.

3. Set up a just giving page to raise money for SARC and rape crisis UK

4. Contact local community police to do talks in schools and colleges

And someone, create a platform to help and support those who are scared to speak up.. but want to. Giving them the topls and encouragment to report what happened to them.. 

When i was a little girl..i wanted to change the world.. im 31 now.. and i still do!.. help me do this and share my blog. Xx


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