Verdict in..

So I started my day, distracting myself by getting ready for work, fixing kids breakfast, dropping them at school, and starting my job…. Feeling edgy all morning but I was plodding on…
Next thing I know, I receive an email stating the verdict..
In just 20minutes, the jury found the defendant GUILTY of section 1 rape, and was sentenced to 8 Years imprisonment. He will go on the sex offenders register for LIFE and has a life long restraining order…

I can’t begin to explain the pure relief, that came pouring out in the way of hysterical crying! This past 13months have been utter hell! But… All that hard work and determination has resulted in 1 less rapist on the streets! 

Maybe now his name and picture will be publicised, others may come forward! 

Also learnt an interesting fact today.. Of someone is able to commit arson.. It comes under the same “power play” as rape.. And he was serving a prison sentence in the past.. For.. Yep.. You got it…ARSON! 

I would like to take this opportunity to send this message to anyone who has kept their ordeal to themselves… Whether you report it or not.. Please confide in someone. It doesn’t even have to be anyone you personally know, there are many support groups online, filled with people to lend an ear. Look after number one.. And share your story.. And in time, those around you, whether their behind a screen or sat next to you at the dinner table, will give you the strength that you need to heal.. In anyway you choose to heal. 

Big hugs to those suffering in silence. If you’d like to talk, please get in touch on the contact page here.. Xx 


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