The nerves are definatly kicking in now. My day in court..on the stand. Tomorrow. In 13 hours time. So many what ifs running round in my mind..

1. What if I bump into him?

2. What if I have a meltdown?

3. What if I get angry and shout in there?

But… The police and the witness team have been fantastic! So supportive and encouraging. 

Silly thing though, its quite daunting to think of being stood in front of legal professionals in them white wigs you see on tv… 

But enough of the what ifs and anxieties.. Its not court day yet. And i still have a lovely sit down meal with my man and maybe a little wine to ease the nerves… 

So, on that note, the next blog I shall post, will be post court! It’ll soon be over….
….and breathe!


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