Since I’ve been taking councilling sessions, and my CBT, I’ve noticed how much I’ve grown.. Dealing with things so much better, not worrying over the things I can do nothing about.making decisions and sticking to them. My social life has improved, I’m taking the time to see friends again, speaking to them on the phone. I’m even feeling more motivated to get up in the morning.. 

Non of this would work unless I had the will to do look in the mirror again and not be repulsed by what I see is so exhilarating. I thought I was useless, not worthy of anything positive. Now I know I deserve better than the life fate has handed to me. And only I can change that. I now feel strong enough to take control back of my life. Do things for me and not for anybody else. Focus on providing for my children. 

My fight isn’t over… But I am going to win!! 


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