Sledge hammer!

I feel I’ve been hit with a sledge hammer today.. Such a long draining day. I had an appointment with my ISVA (independent sexual violence advisor) and we went through some court details and arranging the pre court visit. This part I’m dreading as I have to sit in a room and watch back my video evidence. Then look round the court to familiarize myself with it. They do this so the court experience is less’s that possible? 

I have had phone call after phone call to make today and still have to endure my 2nd CBT tomorrow. But this time my mums coming with me. I’m so lucky to have the support I have. 

This blog of mine has reached so many countries. Denmark, USA, canada, Australia to name a few. I really hope that someone finds comfort or advise from them. I’d love to hear from my followers… 

In this situation, although I have support its hard to remember that so many other people are going through similar things. Rape is all too common, it doesn’t have a language or a race.. Its universal. But get, such a taboo subject. This needs to be broken. The justice system in all countries needs to be re evaluated. 

My story is one. And I pray that whoever you are reading this.. If your in this situation and, keeping silent, please please even if you don’t want to tell police or your close ones, reach out to another survivor. They could become a great support for you. 
Speak out xx 


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