A letter to my rapist

The 27th December 2015, a year ago today, you took a part of me that ill never get back. You had my friendship, you had my trust, and you came into my home and took advantage of that! You betrayed me. But it didnt end there.. you took a woman away from her partner, you took a daughter away from her parents and you took a mother from her daughters. Ill never be the same partner, daughter or mother.. But i have fought. Sweat blood and tears have been shed to make sure i will be a better partner, daughter, mother. You may of had the power of control that night,  but you have lost it all now. Because, i am in control! I have the power! And i will make god damn sure that you will be eating christmas dinner with your fellow in-mates. I will make sure everybody knows who the man who raped me was. 

You did all that to me.. yet here i am strong. Here i am standing. Here i am living my life! 


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