Happily ever after?

When i was raped, i was already in a relationship. So this didn’t just personally effect me.  My partner i can only imagine,  felt like a blow to the stomache. He saw my state just half hour after it happened. Ripped clothes, house trashed. Held my hand while i spoke to the police. Had to listen to details of what had happened to me. Held my hand whilst i endured the examination at the hospital. He didnt leave my side. Hes been an amazing support to me, and for that, ill be forever grateful. 

Yes, it has caused a strain on our relationship. Its made us loose a part of ourself thats near impossible to get back. But weve worked very hard to make sure the different people we are can still be together. 

The most important thing is to communicate. If im low.. i tell him. Hes the best person to snap me out of it. He cures my anxiety attacks like its easy. He truely is my hero! 

As for relationship intimacy, it didnt happen straight away.. but when it did he made me feel calm and loved. Its important to remember rape isnt sex. Its a violent act that uses sex as a weapon. Knowing this, we were able to keep our intimacy intact. 

Although ive had so much support from family and friends, i honestly wouldn’t of got through this passed year without him. 

So raise a glass bloggers.. to my hero. My soulmate. My Jay ♡♡♡ 


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