There’s no set pattern on how victims of rape react to such an ordeal. And non of them are wrong. Having such a traumatic experience causes a mass amount of stress and every individual deals with that differently. 

Anger: I myself experienced this.. angry that my kindness and my trusting nature was taken advantage of. Not only my own nature, but that of my partners too. My rapist was friends with us. I was angry for feeling other emotions. I used to be such a confident person who waa happy the way i was. But in an instant, i suddenly felt that my soul had been darkened and that i was damaged goods.. which leads to me to my next point..
Shame /guilt: my body no longer felt safe. Like that of victims of robbery feel their homes are not safe. As i was raped IN my home, both felt unsafe, yet my body, i couldnt escape. I felt guilty as I’d just been with another man. Albeit unwillingly, but the guilt was still there. And still is. I felt dirty, disgusting and damaged. 
Ptsd: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  This isn’t something just soldiers can suffer with. Anyone who has suffered any type of trauma can suffer this. And it isn’t something to ignore. If left undiagnosed and untreated,  it can have a very negative inpact on your whole life. I was recently diagnosed with PTSD, and have my first appointment book for CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) I’ve done alot of research, and this has proven to have very positive effects.  It trains your mind into thinking and seeing things differently. More rationally. 
Depression / anxiety: again, i have had my diagnosis of this. I am on medication and see a councillor. I cant stress enough that support is out there. 
So.. in a nutshell, no victim needs to feel their reactions are wrong. But they do need to be addressed for the long run. 


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