Is there anybody out there?

I would love to hear from other rape survivors.. 

Have you any coping techniques?

Are you scared to report a rape?

Please.. do not hesitate to contact me



2 thoughts on “Is there anybody out there?

  1. Hi Sweetpea, I am a survivor, though the nature of the rape was not violent (didn’t need to be as I was passed out.) But I will say there was profound violence done to my free will then and for years to come. I wish I could give some comforting advice. But I didn’t handle anything about it from seeking justice to my own psychological care. Instead, I just denied it for years, resolved to never tell another soul and just bury it forever. The experts will say this is a no-no, and I don’t want to defend my non-action, but I did let time do the healing over more aggressive therapies. I did eventually tell my soul mate, now husband, but that was about six years after that horrible night. I just posted about it today, almost twelve years later, and it was the first time I really boldly stated, “I was raped.” I do not harbor hatred or ill will toward the guy, but I will say that coming close to God in the years since has been the most important part of the healing and reconciliation. By far. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here sister. With love, Amaya

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    1. Hi, thankyou for your reply. I suppose everyone is different in their healing. I still find it so difficult even with support and facing it. It’ll be a year tomorrow since it happened to me. Im dreading it.. just hope i can keep busy. Thankyou for your support. Much love, stacey x


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